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HempCBD101 aims to spread awareness about the plethora of uses and benefits hemp products can offer. We want to provide you with more reliable and verified information related to CBD products and research.

This new market has just started to emerge, so there’s a lot of misinformation and low-quality products pushed to the shelves. Hence, we strive to solve this issue by writing unbiased articles and reviews based on solid research and evidence. 

We invite experts to write and review our content. People we work with have experience in cannabis growing and CBD using and have a medical background.

Only a decade ago, CBD was considered a prohibited substance on par with cannabis. But today, its story is rapidly changing, with more and more people using it as a supplement. We believe that by providing honest and unbiased reviews, we can highlight the best manufacturers and promote only high-quality products.

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What We Do

We don’t confine ourselves by providing only CBD product reviews. We also aim to cover every major event related to the industry, review various brands and their products, compile research into easy-to-digest summarise, and update our content regularly.


Quality is the most important factor when it comes to reviewing cannabis-related products. Hence, the hemp-cultivation and manufacturing process are considered first.


Transparency is another crucial element we take into consideration. A good and responsible manufacturer should provide quality proof with regular and unbiased lab tests. 


We also look at the core missions the manufacturing companies bear. Do they give back to the community by donating or launching discount programs? Do they care for those people who can benefit the most by using CBD products?



Please bear in mind that by clicking on our links and buying products, we may receive a commission from that purchase. However, that in no way impacts the information we provide and the reviewing process. We strive for fairness to make sure you can choose only the best products. The content we provide is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. We strongly recommend you consult with a medical expert first before trying any products reviewed on this website. 

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